Learning Targets 2014-2015: This is a log of our daily learning goals

Neandertal Unit:

March of Progress: View this image, then respond to this prompt:
Neandertal Pre-Assessment
Human Culture Slideshow: view this slideshow, then complete the exit ticket at the end
There Is Only One Human Culture article
Neandertals slideshow: View this slideshow, then complete the exit ticket at the end

Note Taking Sheet for Neanderthal Learning Station articles and videos: Complete one of these sheets for each of the articles and videos you use from the Neanderthal learning stations

Links to Videos used in Neandertal Learning Stations

Neandertal Learning Station Articles: all the articles available for learning stations

Photos of Neandertals: a selection of realistic photos of Neandertals

Writing for the Neanderthal Project must be completed byTuesday, June 2. The entire poster must be completed by the end of the period on Thursday, June 4.

Civil War Unit:

Civil War Intro Slideshow: Just to give a quick background of the Civil War, leading up to the First Battle of Bull Run
First Battle of Bull Run Webquest Project: Students will read the wikipedia entry for the First Battle of Bull Run and take notes, then spend two days in the library completing the webquest. The entire packet will be due at the beginning of the period Friday, June 12.
Answer Key for First Battle of Bull Run Note taking packet: For the notes taken in class on 6/8/15 and 6/9/15
Letter of Sullivan Ballou: Letter from Maj. Sullivan Ballou, a Union soldier who died at First Bull Run (will be read 6/12-6/15)
Answer Key for Letter of Sullivan Ballou: In case you missed the lesson on 6/15, answer key for the questions
Gettysburg Address lesson: Read on 6/17, reviewed on 6/18